Our customizable, easy-to-use solution will give our client real time information that can be used in a glance due to our approach that uses barcoding and mobile hand-held devices. Our hardware & software solutions for warehouse are exactly what you are looking to automate your warehouse operations.

N³WMS Benefits:

  • Accurate staff performance.
  • Maximize productivity,optimize warehouse resources.
  • Reduce manual paperwork & improve accuracy.
  • Protect customer data with secure login.
  • Reduce human errors.

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System Features:

  • Multi-lingual support (Arabic, English, other upon request).
  • Automatic receiving of inbound orders.
  • Analytical reporting.
  • Inventory management.
  • Information management.
  • Automatic or manual put-away.
  • Automatic or manual picking.
  • Data synchronization.
  • GPRS real time data updates.
  • Warehouse capabilities.

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