Our Mobile Quality Inspection Management software N³QIS is designed to help you inspect and control facilities that are being inspected for any type of problems. Where non-compliance is discovered you need to ensure that appropriate action is taken such as collecting specimens, acceptance by compromise, alternative application or rejection. To make such decisions you need to assign responsibility and authority. Our system makes it more likely to absolutely guarantee the production of quality more likely.

Some System Features:

  • Define facilities could be done from FO and BO.
  • For specimens inspection, you have to define sample type, size, save location, urgency of test for materials that can get infected or affected by time passing.
  • Define teams and employees.
  • Define scheduled inspections and review them.
  • Create inspection plans.
  • Inspection report, to show, inspection, type, time, period and results.
  • Advice quality improvements required.
  • Consistent data recording and assessment and documentation integrity.
  • Advanced reporting options to show historical data.